Buffalo Roofing & Restoration is a professional roofing company serving Louisville, KY, providing quality roofing services. We have worked on roofs of all kinds, ensuring that each property we work on has a durable and aesthetically appealing roof. We are all fully equipped to take on any job and ensure that it is completed the first time correctly to provide you with a satisfactory customer experience. 

Our products and services include: 

• Restoration Services 

• Gutters Services 

• Wood Floors Installation 

• Painting 

• Drywall 

• Landscaping 

• Kitchen Remodeling 

• Bathroom Remodeling 

Our contractors are efficient and can work with your schedule and budget, offering to help clients and provide excellent customer service. No matter what kind of project you want to accomplish, we can help you get there. Give your home or place of business the gift of a sturdy and dependable roof—please give us at Buffalo Roofing & Restoration and ask for a free estimate today!

We take pride in our knowledge of materials and installation. This mastery ensures a finished product that meets the highest standards. We're familiar with every type of roofing available.

We work with insurance companies as well. We will help you make the best decision to recover the maximum amount on your claim, for the best restoration.